Find out more about the popular debit card

Find out more about the popular debit card

What you should know about the money card? With the debit card you can pay by chip smaller amounts without signature and PIN. It is especially convenient for payment at machines if just is not matching coins in their wallets. The card with the blue and red logo is issued by banks and financial institutions, serving as an electronic wallet. It enables cashless payments without signature and PIN - but you can not use it for online purchases them. Before you can use the card for payment, you need to recharge with a credit of a maximum of 200 Euro.

The two types of debit card
You can opt for a card that is linked to your checking account or a card that is linked to an account. If your Girocard carries on the back the money card logo, it contains a corresponding chip. You can recharge the card at ATMs and loading terminals on your checking account, connect to be debited with the amount charged.

The card that is not tied to a checking account, only has a purely financial card function. It can charge for cash either at a charging terminal with your Girocard or at bank counters. On the charging terminal with two card slots, insert the cash card in a slot that Girocard in the other. If you select "Load money card" function and the PIN of your Girocard enter your bank card will be charged and debited to the amount of your Girocard.

Advantages and disadvantages of debit card
Since you are using only maximum charge of 200 euros the cash card, the loss in case of theft is not so great. In addition, third parties on the cash card do not have access to your checking account. With the debit card you always have plenty of change here and do not have the ticket machines rummaging through all his pockets for coins. You need when using the debit card no PIN, the payment is anonymous and there are no account fees.

Money that you have loaded on your bank card, you can not return book to your checking account. Is also possible with the debit card no cash alternative. To keep an account summary, you have virtually keep records of your expenses with money card. If you have the card being charged until the maximum amount and it is stolen, the thief can use it without entering a PIN. blank locks you can not.

How to backup files on computer

How to backup files

How to backup files on computer. How important a backup would have been, many users notice only when it is too late and the hard drive has given up the ghost, the disk has been damaged by a surge or a malicious program all files deleted. A common argument against the backup copy is cost. In this post I introduce you to a tool that the backup created in vain. Protect important and personal data with a backup. An extensive MP3 collection with time-consuming if the ID3 tag, the video from the first steps of the offspring, photos from recent dream holidays or tax returns created in hours of work: There are at most media files that would probably miss painfully users, when they suddenly no longer there would be.

How to backup files
The only remedy that before failure of data protection, is a backup. Backups should be created regularly so that the data loss is minimal. Finally, you can never know when a hard drive fails mechanically or disappear all the files in the data Nirvana by a virus or operator error. The best backup program can be so intuitive and is ideally free as FBackup.

Very easily to create a backup in 6 steps
1. Download the free backup program FBackup to your hard drive and reinstall the application. To create a new backup of your files, click the top left of the icon " New ".

2. Assign now in the " Backup name " a meaningful name for your backup. Then decide on " Destination " where your data should be backed up. This may be a local storage medium ( " Local "), the network ( " Network ") or online storage ( " Drive ") act.

3. In the test we choose " Local " to back up the files on a USB stick. The information we store in the fields " Drive " and " Folder ". Tip: If you opt for another form of security, these dates vary accordingly. Then click " Next ".

4. Once you have determined the backup target, set now, which files to include in the backup. To do this click " Add folders to include" all the directories in the backup or " Add files " to add individual files. Tap again on " Next ".

5. Under " Encrypt ", select " Yes " if you want to encrypt the backup data and assign the fields " New password " and " Confirm new password " a password for encryption. Click again on " Next ".

6. Now Specify if required, how often the backup is to be performed. To select the time intervals "are Daily " (daily), " Weekly " (weekly) and " Monthly " (monthly). Do you want to back up by hand, take here the choice " Manually before". Finally, click " Save ". Then select " Save " to save the backup set or " Save and run to save" it and perform the backup of the data directly.

It'salso  easy to recover files from an existing backup restore
All backup jobs you have created and carried out by the method described above, are displayed on the user interface of FBackup. Do you want to restore the database from a backup because the files have been lost, just click behind the backup box on " Restore ". FBackup makes the data then optionally in the original directory or a folder of your choice restores.

Work and Travel: The 4 most popular countries

Work and Travel: The 4 most popular countries
Work and Travel is exciting and for young people the perfect way to combine travel and student jobs. Finally, just to travel very expensive and still earn the opportunity for money, the stay abroad can be significantly extended. In addition, the jobbing abroad offers the opportunity to gain experience, even better get into the language and possibly even polish the resume. Those who opt for a Work and Travel-stay, must be thorough and especially wide plan in advance, so it is advisable to be timely informed of any special features.

Among the classic Work and Travel-countries are primarily New Zealand and Australia, but also the USA and Canada have a desired destination. The provisions in order to obtain the Work and Travel visa are everywhere quite similar, only in the US, it is a little different, as there are no classic "Working Holiday Visa" are.

1. United States
In the US, not a classical work and travel is possible, since there is no specially provided visa. As part of Summer Jobs, Summer Camps or volunteering interested can but remain up to five months in the country and combine work and travel. It is important to be a registered student and have a valid passport and a travel insurance.

Those who want to stay longer than the five months  can apply for a job as an au pair or do an exchange program, the possibilities are endless. Also an internship in the US is interesting for young people. Who wants to just travel, can stay up to three months without a visa to America. While work and travel in Canada can, for instance, the United States will be visited, as long as you do not work there for a wage.

2. Canada
For Work and Travel in Canada a special visa is necessary, with a stay of up to 12 months in the country is possible. The Work and Travel visa is issued only between 18 and 35 years of age and will be awarded to certain data on the website of the Canadian Embassy. The award of works using the principle "first come, first served", which is why it is worthwhile to check regularly from when applying for a visa is possible.

In Canada are particularly farm work on the land and jobs in bars in major cities to the top Work and Travel activities. The area the second largest country in the world has so much to offer for a round trip: megacities with Vancouver or Toronto, wide-open spaces in the endless forests, impressive nature in the Rocky Mountains and French flair in the east of the country.

3. New Zealand
With the appropriate visa, a stay of up to 12 months in New Zealand is possible between 18 and 30 years. The land on the other side of the world is very scenic and offers Work and Travellers in the first place also the classic farm jobs. For the visa financial reserves in the amount of € 2,500 must be demonstrated as a passport that is valid beyond the planned departure at least three months. A travel insurance is mandatory and must be completed for a Work and Travel. Also an accident insurance or liability insurance are other important insurance that can be taken out under Work and Travel-stay.

4. Australia
In Australia, the rules for a Work and Travel visa similarly as in the other countries. You must be between 18 and 30 old, financial reserves show (3.500 €), possess a valid passport and present a travel insurance. To travel through Australia, it is advisable to consider routes in advance and plan. The country is huge and the distances are enormous part. Australia is the most expensive of the four countries and the cost of living there are relatively high. Nevertheless, then earned in Australia on local wage levels, which can then be traveling well funded. Many start their journey in Sydney or in Melbourne, but also on the north and west coast there are interesting cities (Perth, Darwin) and charming landscapes.

Which country should I go?
What all four countries have in common, is a stunning nature, diversity, the culture, and the potential for unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. For the Work and Travel Organization in advance can help a to-do list , to of all the important things are mentioned which still need to be organized prior to departure. For most countries, the conditions similar and without a credit card, travel insurance, passport, financial reserves and the necessary "working holiday visa" is not possible to enter the destination country. In which country it comes at the end, is a matter of personal taste. The one always wanted time to the United States, other prefers the outback Australia and others would like to work in the Canadian woods on a farm. The possibilities are endless and the experience will be unforgettable in any case, and broaden horizons.

iCracked: Rescue when the phone screen is broken

iCracked: Rescue when the phone screen is broken
iCracked. It happened quickly: In a careless moment you notice the expensive smartphone from the hands, bangs on the floor and the screen has a nasty jump on. In such a situation, good advice is often expensive literally. Versatile Repair Options offers here iCracked if necessary, even in your own home. How this works in practice, we tried.

iCracked provides a repair service for smartphones and tablets. Even at home with you. Smartphones are nowadays increasingly lighter and thinner. In addition, they will send in, stowed smooth housings. So the manufacturer devices able to present in a particularly attractive design. However, the matter has also a disadvantage, because the digital companion falls users more easily from the hand. Possible way, you know the shocking moment when the smartphone falls down and bounces in the worst case on a hard surface. The first concern then applies the display. If the screen is cracked, iCracked helps repair.

One problem, three solutions
When the smartphone display broken, for example, after a fall, jumped, iCracked offers three repair options:

  1. Order online DIY kit: If you are technically savvy, you can order the repair kit for your cell phone directly from the Internet. The program contains a new display also a detailed repair instruction and the required tools.
  2. Repair by mail: send a your damaged device and get it after about a week back repaired. Often the repair is done already within 4 to 5 days.
  3. Onsite Repair Service: In this service of a certified iCracked employee comes to your home and repair the damaged equipment on site.

iCracked: Runs on-site repairs in practice
The repair of a smartphone display is not always unproblematic. Anyone using, for example, an Apple device and does not live in a city with an Apple Retail Store, the device needs to send it and thus give up his iPhone, and enter its data from the hand. iCracked solves the problem with so-called iTechs.

The certified technicians, of which there are more than 200 in Germany, can simply request the Internet. After appointment of the iTech then comes to your home and will repair before. In our test, it worked perfectly. Four days it took until the technician was sitting at home living room table, repaired a scarce another half an hour until the iPhone 6 display and again is fully functional.

As an addition to the fixed screen was equipped with a film that protects the display from new damage. The advantage: The repair was carried out right before our eyes. Stored on the device data were thus endangered at any time.

What about the guarantee and the price?
If the iTechs of iCracked invest in the repair manual will void the manufacturer's warranty. However iCracked jumps here and granted even a lifetime warranty on the repaired parts. The cost of repair depends on the damaged device, the type of damage and the travel time of iTechs. All costs were expressed in our test transparent before placing an order. The pricing model was similar, as with Apple, but with the advantage that long journey times could be circumvented because the iTech came into the house.

What devices and what repairs supports iCracked?
iCracked focuses on popular devices and assumes repairs for iPhones, iPads, iPods and Samsung smartphones. Be repaired next to cracked display among other things, water damage, battery and defective buttons and ports. In addition, problems of microphones and cameras are fixed.

VGA port or DVI? The advantages and disadvantages of both variants

VGA port or DVI? The advantages and disadvantages of both variants

VGA and DVI. Between a VGA port and a DVI connector, there are a few differences that contribute to the functionality and usability of both variants. The DVI connector is called the innovation of the VGA connector and has a crucial, additional function.

For a VGA port, you also need the right cable - best the short one!
Both VGA and DVI interfaces are, work on the video and image transmissions. Both systems have some special features and characteristics. To understand the differences between the two systems, a little technical understanding is necessary.

The special features of a VGA connector
  • Introduced in 1987 by IBM
  • VGA stands for Video Graphics Array
  • Maximum 1920 x 1200 pixels can be transmitted from VGA
  • VGA was for about 20 years standard for image and video transfer of screens
  • On monitors, projectors, televisions and VGA graphics card is still widespread
  • With a VGA port only analogue, do not transmit digital signals
  • Long cables or other sources of interference, therefore, result in a loss of quality

The peculiarities of a DVI port
  • Often referred to as VGA successor
  • With DVI to digital (DVD-D) and analog (DVD-A) or even both signals (DVD-I) are transferred
  • The transmission of two digital signals is possible, so twice 1920 x 1200 pixels can be transmitted
  • DVI is compatible with both VGA inputs as well as HDMI, which makes it widely
  • It transfers as well as VGA only image, resulting in HDMI, which transmits digital and multimedia, increasingly permeated
  • The copy of HD Blu Rays or DVDs prohibit playback of such content via analog outputs as with a VGA port or the DVI analog connection. HDMI or DVI digital transmission paths are necessary for it

Which port is better?
A VGA connector can be seen thanks to the standard VGA connector to the blue jack on the device. They are mostly found on HD TVs or PCs, whereas laptops either Mini-VGA ports or HDMI ports have (on newer models). DVI ports sit through more and more, because it just about the possibility to transmit digital signals. Basically, they are now regarded as a better alternative to a VGA port, but especially older monitor, PC or TV models are not yet equipped with the new, more modern ports.

Especially older devices generally have always a VGA port
Must therefore be still resorted to a VGA cable to transfer from older devices image or video data. It is important that this cable, if possible, is relatively short, in order to minimize transmission errors. If it is a newer device, rather a DVI port or better yet an HDMI source is recommended. Data is transmitted just clean.

Be aware when taking out liability insurance

Be aware when taking out liability insurance
Liability insurance. A mishap happened quickly and whichever is damaged in the process, the damage can sometimes even lead to personal financial ruin. In order to protect themselves from such situations helps a liability insurance policy, when it is finished but some aspects need to be thoroughly considered.  Especially in the household can quickly a case for liability insurance happen. When moving the TV from a friend can fall accidentally break grandfather glasses or a glass of red wine on the new white carpet of relatives shed - all these mishaps can be expensive for the polluter. To not sit on such damages remain, it is important to have a liability insurance, which accesses (depending on coverage and insurance case) both with smaller sums as well as millions in damages.

A private liability insurance is one of the major insurance companies
Even the most careful people can sometimes happen something that would stand him in principle expensive without proper insurance. Therefore, a personal liability is an absolute must for insurance companies. Private liability insurance are in not expensive and for precisely the cases in which something "accidentally" happened, but that causing harm intended.

A person applying for personal liability insurance, has to consider what damage he actually wants to cover in advance. Selection can be made between:
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Financial losses and an extension of the protection order
  • Complacency damage
  • Damage to borrowed items
  • Gradual loss and many other supplements

The more protection is selected, the more expensive the insurance.
What policyholders need to consider their liability insurance yet Furthermore, important is to think about who the liability should apply. If only you own, or even the spouse or the children be insured? This point also makes a difference in the estimate of the insurance premium.

Another crucial point that should determined by the amount of the premium and the policyholder is very carefully about the amount of coverage. Thus, damage caused accidentally go into the millions of dollars (just for personal injury is it fast expensive), so cover a six-figure sum is actually essential.

Policyholders should note that there are also tariffs with a deductible that are more favorable to the premium. Whether you want to take this excess to be constant or rather pay a little more and it is in case of damage off the hook, everyone must decide for themselves individually and worth to be calculated.

Check regularly for topicality Insurance
In liability insurance, it is important to check them regularly. Fits still the current circumstances? Does the single-liability be converted into a family-liability because now junior is expected? Have the own financial circumstances changed and a deductible and for a cheaper fare would be worth?

Insurance should always be adapted to the conditions and just big changes in life, such as buying a house or the expected offspring, justify the view of the currently ongoing contracts. Besides their own living conditions but also the insurance market is constantly changing. If a third party liability insurance 10 years ago, it may be concluded that there is now much more powerful and cheaper fares on the market. Insurance must not run constantly, but can be changed on a regular basis (overlooking applicable notice periods). Policyholders should seize this opportunity and select the best rates for you.

Roaming charges abolition in Europe

Abolished roaming charges in Europe

Europe Roaming Charges. By roaming charges telephony and internet is a very costly affair abroad. This will change in the future, at least in Europe. The European Union has finally decided to abolish the high fees. Fees in Europe abolishing roaming: calling Finally abroad low and surf. For consumers, the calls and surfing abroad in the future will be cheaper, but experts still expect a few problems:

1. Late abolition
2. Roaming surcharges
3. The net neutrality

1. Significantly subsequent abolition than expected
Already almost a year ago the European Parliament had demanded that the roaming charges to be abolished in other European countries by the end of 2015th However, this was not enforced. The EU Commission had then sighted the summer 2016, but even this deadline is not implemented. After a 12-hour meeting, the representatives of the European Parliament and the various EU countries have finally agreed on the abolition of roaming charges in Europe.

The final abolition of roaming charges in Europe comes but only on 15 June 2017. In addition, there are from 30 April 2016, an intermediate step. From this point, the surcharges for roaming should already fall significantly. Phone calls within Europe will then cost a maximum of only 5 cents per minute. For short messages the upper limit is in the future at 2 cents. Surfing the Internet is 1 megabyte maximum of 5 cents, exclusive of VAT costs.

2. Are there any roaming surcharges more in the future?
From June 15, 2017 can make calls much cheaper in other European countries and surf the Internet. Do you have a telephone or a data plan, then you can just use these at home on vacation. But the permanent roaming abroad should not be possible in the future. Pass the phone, send text messages or surfing certain limits, then your provider you may require additional expenses under certain circumstances.

Thereby, the mobile operators to protect themselves against accumulating technical costs. The exact details of the ceilings has the EU Commission only work out yet. However, it is expected that there will be no carte blanche for the use even after June 15, 2017th Thus, you should expect fees with additional costs abroad even after the official abolition of roaming.

3. The net neutrality is a controversial matter
The future From roaming fees, together with the new rules on net neutrality constitutes a package. It was negotiated in Brussels with the EU countries. By net neutrality is to ensure that any Internet service provider may send data packets on an equal footing with its lines. To what data is and where the data comes from, it does not matter.

Through the ever-growing amount of data, the probability of traffic congestion grows. For this reason, there are considerations whether certain Internet services in special cases "think" should have towards others. Many critics now fear that net neutrality is abolished because of the vague wording of the special cases. In the future, it is only in exceptional cases, such as with cyber attacks, be possible that the traffic is throttled or even blocked.

Conclusion: As a tourist, you have to live in the future with limitations
As from 30 April 2016 to call a lot cheaper in other European countries, send text messages and surf the Internet. Only around one year later, the roaming charges in Europe abolished completely. A permanent flat rate for the same conditions as in Germany there will not be probably after June 15th, 2017. Therefore, you should pay attention in the future on a holiday that you do not consume unnecessary data. Avoid unnecessary best app updates and download the important applications already before the holiday down.

Benefit Child Supplement: The 6 key of facts

Benefit Child Supplement: The 6 key of facts
The child benefit supplement or children's allowance is a social benefit in Germany, which will be paid both single parents and couples. You should include a financial shortfall, if the income of the parent families not sufficiently available, or is estimated only slightly. Read the key facts about the child benefit supplement. The following facts give closer insight as to what is the child benefit supplement, how to get this and what factors must be considered.

1. The auction is determined quantified, but can be shortened
The Child Benefit Supplement has a fixed amount of 140 euros per month (as of December 2015). As will be fully credited among other assets and income of the child on that amount, it can be shortened. Cuts will consummated graduations each in seven Euro. In practice, a simple application applies: is the amount to be billed over rose by 10 euros, the contract will be reduced by 7 EUR. It is already clear that the child support contract will be raised from the 01.07.2016 to a maximum of 20 euros. The previous limit of 140 Euro thus is then 160 Euros.

2. The contract is always only a temporary power
In the child benefit supplement is not about an ongoing, permanent or long prepared solution. Always the surcharge in its duration is limited to 36 months. Once this limit is reached, the right to the supplement expires fixed price. Unlike the child allowance, which is paid permanently over several years, the surcharge is therefore not a permanent transfer.

3. Other possible transfers
A claim and obtaining the award not cling automatically from other transfer payments. Thus, recipients of the award, for example, be used even financing services covering among other one-day school trips, personalized school supplies, adequate learning subsidies or joint lunch meals. A detailed list of services to be combined is available at the Federal Employment Agency. In general, make all social and promotional services, within an appropriate framework, agreed with the surcharge. These services must always be sought from the local authority. These are also suitable forms and applications.

4. Where will the surcharge applied?
The surcharge can apply only in the Federal Employment Agency or directly at the family budget. Both institutions are also responsible for the processing of applications. The Family Fund is ultimately who decides on the amount of the disbursed amount. For civil servants identical provisions apply. These apply for child benefit supplement in one of the two institutions. Once a result is obtained, a written decision will be issued. How long does the processing to complete, can differ depending on regional utilization. However, it is to be expected for several weeks.

5. Conditions to be met for the contract
Thus, the contract will be actually granted and paid, some requirements must be met by both the child and the parents. So the child (the recipients) must necessarily be old and also receive child benefit under 25 years. The child must not be married and must live with their parents.

The income and assets may not exceed the fixed, current limits, at the same time must meet the minimum limits the available monthly income of the parents. The necessary requirement must also be met by the child benefit supplement, because not let unemployment benefits and social assistance combined with the surcharge.

6. The minimum limits
The minimum limits in order to meet the demand, amount of parents 900 Euros and 600 Euros for a single parent. The available monthly monetary needs these two Directives achieve so, otherwise the contract will not be awarded.

Moss in the lawn: 5 effective ways to control

Moss in the lawn: 5 effective ways to control
When the beautiful English lawn into a moss landscape, many garden owners are at a loss. The causes can be diverse, ranging from nutrient deficiencies to waterlogging. Moss in the lawn: 5 effective agents for controlling. But with a few simple tips, it is possible to transform the green oasis back into a neat and visually appealing paradise.

1. The most important measure against moss in the lawn: scarify
First of all, you must remove the existing moss from the ground. If this task previously done with difficulty with the rake, you numerous aerating equipment are available today, which can be operated without great muscle strength. Important: Before scarifying you must mow the lawn once as short as possible. Then, you run the scarifier first lengthwise and then in transverse tracks across the lawn. The soil should be about one to two millimeters scratched, good Scarifier can be adjusted accordingly.

2. Specific killers help against Moss in the lawn
Commercially, you get a variety of moss destruction, which dies and the stubborn moss after a few days. The best way to bring the resources together with a good fertilizer for the lawn. Caution is advised when Moss shredders with ferrous sulfate. Although they are effective, but can acidify the lawn, which in turn have the opposite effect and can promote the growth of moss at too generous application.

Moss Killers with quinoclamine or acetic acid, however, are harmless. Important: Moss Killers with ferrous sulfate and quinoclamine should ideally be applied in wet weather, when agents with acetic acid the soil, however, must be dry.

3. Loosen your floor on
A compacted or clayey soil sooner or later leads to waterlogging. Such an environment provides the moss in the lawn perfect conditions, so there needs to be remedied. After the annual scarifying You should therefore apply a decent layer of sand on the lawn.

You must be quiet for two to three centimeters high, so you just see the tips of the grass blades. Who newly invests his lawn, works as a prevention best equal to a larger quantity of sand in the soil. This also prevents the formation of moss in lawns

4. Wood ash, the less expensive alternative to moss in the lawn
Anyone who owns a fireplace at home, should collect the resulting wood ashes quietly and apply now and then on the lawn or on the moss-infested locations. They cut off the ground required for the moss growth and nutrients can neutralize an acidic ground. However, be careful to use only absolutely clean wood ash. Take in your fireplace for example, paper with color printer, this ash is unlikely to reach the grass. Otherwise harmful substances would penetrate the soil, which adversely affected the health of the grasses.

5. Problem point shade grass: what you can do here against Moss
A very shady situation encourages the growth of moss in lawns. Select therefore always a suitable grass type and not Mow the lawn in shady areas too short. A length from 5.0 to 6.0 centimeters should not be undercut, if possible, so that the grass can capture still enough light even in darker locations. Also, make sure to water the lawn in the summer sufficient even if the sun does not reach the affected areas.

Adequate hydration promotes the health of the lawn, so that it can achieve results in competition with the moss and is more resistant. Attention: Under trees such as horse chestnut or houses generally grows no grass. Do you want to prevent the growth of moss here, you should plant robust groundcover.