Windows 10: Towards a more flexible management of updates with the Creators Update

Windows 10: Towards a more flexible management of updates with the Creators Update

Microsoft has revealed new features planned with the Creators Update, the upcoming Windows 10 update expected in the spring. The program for the users: an extended management of the updates and a better control of the personal data.

An update will rarely be as well named: the Creators Update of Windows 10, expected in April, will integrate, among other additions, an improved management of updates. The Redmond firm claims to have taken into account the feedback from its users lamenting their lack of control over these updates that often trigger at the time that suits us least.

Microsoft promises that users will have more "flexibility" when scheduling upgrades - the download of which will result in fewer slowdowns and fewer reboots - with 3 options: restart the device immediately, schedule another date, or Activate a "nap" option that disables the launch of any update for 3 consecutive days.

Finally, Microsoft extends the duration of "active hours" that prevent Windows from triggering this process during the hours that you want to fully devote to using your computer or tablet.

In addition to these useful but long-standing iOS additions, the Creators Update will also incorporate a personal data control option that will enable, on one and the same window, to enable or disable all essential settings: geolocation, Voice recognition, bug diagnostics.

Camcorder: Still a good choice for ambitious filmmakers

Camcorder: Still a good choice for ambitious filmmakers

With a camcorder you can capture the most beautiful moments, for example on vacation. Although spontaneous video recording is becoming more and more a smartphone, there is still a handy alternative for more ambitious amateur filmmakers: it has with the digital technical progress and is still used for family celebrations and on vacation: the talk is of the camcorder.

Small, ergonomic, versatile, digital
Although camcorders were still equipped with video cassettes, later with digital video tapes (DV) as storage media, it is now primarily memory cards on which the video material is stored. Most camcorders are equipped with an autofocus zoom lens that directs the incident light to the digital sensor for recording, which is usually done in HD quality .

In addition, the compact cameras are often equipped with a microphone that records the sound in stereo quality. On the display, which can usually be opened on the side, you can control the motif, you also have the most important recording functions in view. In addition, you can watch his recordings on the small screen for control directly.

The biggest advantage of a camcorder lies in its compact design: it does not occupy much space and is just as easy to use on birthdays and weddings as on holiday. There are also models, which are protected against water and can withstand even low temperatures, if the climate on the road should be somewhat rugged. In addition, many current models protect their microphones against wind noise, are WLAN-capable and have a touchscreen display in addition, many camcorders stand out through a very ergonomic design.

Great price range for a camcorder
Prices for popular camcorder models range between about 100 and nearly 1,000 euros. Some videographers may seem a bit expensive, others may miss functions that are reserved for professional cameras. If you want to upgrade to equipment from the professional segment and plays with the idea to buy a shoulder-mounted camera, must think financially in other dimensions: The price of a professional shoulder camera moves in a range between several 1,000 and more than 20,000 euros, how in Specialized onlineshops.

Camcorders score with clever additional features
Strictly speaking, you no longer need a camcorder to turn a digital film: state-of-the-art smartphones and, above all, the system cameras that have come onto the market in the past years also enable the recording of high-quality videos. However, camcorders of the latest generation often offer zoom lenses with a very large focal range and an autofocus, which allows the display area to be tracked extremely quickly and accurately during filming. In addition to its compactness, this makes it attractive for ambitious amateur filmmakers.

In addition, current camcorders from manufacturers such as JVC and Sony offer attractive additional features such as a time lapse function, playback in slow motion and a wide wide-angle range - even models with built-in projector.

Nintendo Switch: price, release date and features

Nintendo Switch
It is official, the Nintendo Switch, will be released on March 3, 2017 at the rate of 300 euros. Although the manufacturer has revealed to the drops the information on his machine, we know now most of its characteristics. So here's all there is to know about the last console of the Japanese giant. After giving us a first glimpse of its new console on October 20, Nintendo officially introduced the Switch Friday, January 13, 2017 at 5 am (French time) at a conference in Tokyo. It was also completely broadcast live.

The trailer broadcast by the Japanese giant at the end of October 2016 allowed us to know the main lines of the project of Nintendo for this new machine. We already knew that the Switch would be a hybrid console / laptop, which could be placed on a dock connected to the TV or take with you to play in "nomadic mode". This is equipped, for this purpose, with a secondary screen and detachable and modular joystick controllers, called Joy-Con. Outside of its dock, the console (with attached levers) is 102mm high by 239mm wide and 13.9mm thick, all for a weight of 398g (297 without the joysticks). For a long time, the manufacturer has remained discrete regarding the technical characteristics, the price or the date of exit of the machine, but most of this information is now known.

ViewSonic VX2776: The 27-inch design monitor

ViewSonic VX2776: The 27-inch design monitor
The ViewSonic relies on the design and beautiful image of the VX2776 to seduce the customer. But the manufacturer seems to have forgotten a point not negligible: ergonomics.

Hide your friend list on Facebook

Hide your friend list on Facebook
It's so easy to hide your friend list on Facebook. Use your Facebook account with the default settings that the social network pretends to set up, providing hackers a dangerous attack point. I will show you how to make your access to the social network secure and thus protect yourself from identity theft. Hackers have it aside not only on the computers of companies and industry. Also on Facebook threatens danger. The trick of hackers is a theft of identity. The profile of a user is stolen and used for a new, incorrect Facebook account. Afterwards, the hacker reloads all friends of the damaged Facebook user and can then drive under other names. Unfortunately, Facebook allows this identity theft in the default settings. A risk that you should minimize with a few mouse clicks.

This way you can make your friend list invisible to Facebook for others

The default setting of Facebook lets you specify who can view your friend list. In the most unfavorable case the list is even public and thus a found food for attackers. I therefore recommend that you check your security settings with the social network and limit the visibility of your friend list for others.

  • Log in to Facebook, and then click your profile picture at the top of the screen. This brings you to your own Facebook page.
  • Click on "Friends" to see a list of all people who are connected to Facebook.
  • Now, click on the symbolized pencil in the upper right corner of the list. A pop-up menu opens. Click on " Edit privacy ".
  • After "Who can see your friend list?", Click on the small downward arrow. Decide in the drop-down menu for the entry "Only me". Your friend list is now invisible to third parties.

Attention: Not everything can be hidden in Facebook
The social network of Facebook can not be completely secured by the method described above. Because Facebook has a small backdoor installed, which can not be deactivated. If your Facebook friends want to see your friend list, you will still see all the friends you share. However, the risk of being abused by a hacker for identity theft is still severely restricted.

When your employee must tell you why he is sick

When your employee must tell you why he is sick
Every employer knows this situation. An employee calls and informs that he is ill. The spontaneous reaction of the employer: "I do not believe that now". The reasons for this can be very different. It is the case that the sickness is reported for a so-called bridge day. Or directly after a weekend. Or because the employee is always incapable of work. Nevertheless, you may only ask for the cause of the disease in exceptional cases. For the employee is usually only obliged to inform you that he is unable to work. Not what he is sick of. In exceptional cases you are entitled to a corresponding information, if:

  1. The disease may have effects on the workplace or other workers, for example because it is a high-risk disease.
  2. There are legal reporting requirements, as is the case, for example, in food production. Even without asking questions you are not defenseless.

If you have serious doubts about the fact that the employee is not really sick and therefore wants to continue to pay the remuneration, you are still not unprotected. Although you are not in principle entitled to ask for the cause of the illness, you can still feel the tooth to the employee.

Pursuant to § 275 SGB V, health insurance funds, among other things, are obliged to obtain an expert opinion from the medical service of the health insurance company , in order to remove doubts as to the incapacity for work. Such doubts are to be assumed, according to the clear law of the law, particularly in cases where

  • Insured persons are often or frequently conspicuous often only inactive for short periods of time or the beginning of incapacity for work often falls to one working day at the beginning or at the end of a week or
  • The incapacity for work has been ascertained by a doctor who has become conspicuous by the frequency of the incapacity for work which he has issued.

As an employer, you can again, according to the clear statutory wording and require the health insurance company to obtain an expert opinion from the medical service to check the incapacity for work. You must submit the application to the competent health insurance fund.

You still do not know what your employees are suffering from. The information that is much more important to you, whether it is actually inactive or not, is available. And, by the way, you send a signal that you can also check your workability if you are diagnosed with a medical certificate.

3 tips for a real estate financing

3 tips for a real estate financing
For real estate financing it is worth to plan more precisely. The dream of their own four walls seems to be more achievable than ever before. Building loans are now as favorable as they have been for decades (as of October 2016). Nevertheless, caution is required with such high amounts of money. Here are three important tips, which ensure a serious purchase. There are many reasons to buy or build a property. Financial aspects such as the elimination of rental payments and the possession of a safe investment are most important. The bottom line is to provide more money for consumption with the same household income. 

In the case of short-term financial bottlenecks, the house or apartment can be used as a security against the banks. The idea of ​​security is already high in the course: As a real estate owner, one is non-terminable and also has the guarantee to be able to switch into old age on his land at will. The furnishing of an age-appropriate apartment is thus given. Last but not least, the rational Germans are also infected by emotions when deciding on the property: the good image of a real estate owner is usually associated with reliability and future orientation. The idea of ​​the bourgeoisie has largely disappeared from the minds.

But there are still a large number of citizens who are dreaming of living alone. According to data from the statistical portal Statista in Hamburg, in 2015 almost two million Germans claimed to buy a house in the next two years. To ensure that the financing of your own four walls does not turn into a nightmare, three tips for sustainable real estate financing are listed below. Of course they represent only a selection and can only describe the complex topic.

Tip 1: Compare is it worth?
In Germany, a large number of financial institutions compete for customers. This opens up various offers for consumers with real estate financing. Even small differences in the decimal range have a significant effect: if you choose a rate that is only 0.5 percent cheaper, you can save several thousand euros in ten years. This makes it worthwhile to study the offers of banks in advance. 

With the credit calculator via the web presence consumers get within a few seconds a number of offers. Even an immediate application for the web presence is possible. Consumers should pay particular attention to the effective annual interest rate. In addition to the target interest rates, commissions and processing fees flow into it, which is why it has a high level of significance. Go to the calculator via this link. 

In addition, even the walk to the consumer centers is worth the effort. If this is a small fee for a comprehensive consultation, this regularly proves to be an investment in the future. After all, real estate financing is about 6-digit sums, which is usually the biggest investment in life. Just before buying, home builders and those with an interest in housing should not shy away from any efforts and be comprehensively informed.

Tip 2: Do not finance a property without equity
The low interest rates of the present are so tempting that some real estate buyers could think about buying the home alone on a pump . Although consumer protectionists do not consider this path to be impossible, the nasty awakening can end at the end of the interest rate fixation. This is often the case that home ownership is still not fully financed and real estate buyers have to make use of a follow-up financing. 

In the worst cases, the rates will then rise by more than double, which threatens insolvency. It is therefore advisable to make real estate financing with as much equity as possible. In any case, 20 to 30 percent of the purchase price should be on the high edge to realize the dream of home ownership. Also, the inclusion of a buffer to bridge short-term bottlenecks is useful. 

Anyone who considers himself a spitcher can make a building savings contract at a young age. In this process, a state subsidy is levied as long as a certain income is not exceeded. Ideally, the building savings contract can be used to finance another 20 to 30 percent of the real estate costs, which means that the mortgage loan is 40 to 60 percent. 

By the way: To finance a property, additional incidental costs must be added. This is not insignificant, because almost all financial institutions demand that these expenses be borne by the buyers themselves. These are, in concrete terms, notarial and court costs, which account for just over two percent of the purchase price. There is also a land purchase tax which varies from one state to another, and, if necessary, a brokerage commission. As a result, the equity capital required once again increases significantly.

Tip 3: Arrange flexible repayment with the bank
Life is full of uncertainties. Fatalities, illnesses and separations are the order of the day. Anyone who is hit by an unexpected event and has to pay off a property quickly gets into a bad position. The entire monthly calculation, which had previously been flawless, now threatens to lead to the loss of a house or apartment. 

On the other hand, joyful circumstances can also lead to an improvement in financial resources: promotion in the job or an unexpected inheritance. In both cases, the possibility of flexible repayment is an advantage. The standard credit agreements of the financial institutions provide for unscheduled repayments. The right to a 5% or 10% reimbursement is often listed. In addition, there is a partial option to change the monthly rate. It is therefore worthwhile for consumers to pay attention to flexible conditions or to contract with a bank employee. 

In practice there are hardly any differences between the fixed costs and the fixed costs. Contracts with fixed interest rates, on the other hand, often lead to a so-called prepayment penalty. It is therefore annoying because the customer must indemnify the bank in case of a premature termination of a loan. The money house thereby secures itself the interest payments, which would otherwise escape it.

Real estate financing: a complex issue that raises more questions
Three tips for a real estate financing can only illuminate the complex topic in only a few aspects. The manifoldness of the uncertainties and life situations can only be taken into account by careful consideration. Particularly young builders and residential builders should inform themselves in the beginning comprehensive, so that the further life is not burdened with high debt. Further comprehensive information is available at the website

In any case, consumers should thoroughly compare the conditions of the banks before buying a property. Several thousand euros can be saved. The experts at the consumer centers provide information on all the important issues against a small fee. A minimum amount of equity should also be available, as this reduces the foreign money that one has to borrow. Housebuilders should also pay attention to flexible redemption conditions. Unexpected events can be absorbed in this way without causing any violations and the property is lost.

4 tips to unmask phishing e-mails

4 tips to unmask phishing e-mails
Recently, email phishing has increased. The criminal Internet users are trying to elicit confidential access data with fake e-mails. Amazon, the Telekom, Paypal and other well-known enterprises are abused thereby. How to unmask phishing e-mails while reading, I'll show you in this post. Your email mailbox is handy because you can exchange in seconds with friends around the world. However, the digital mailbox is also a gateway for malicious programs. For a long time, cybercriminals have speculated on how to elicit access data from online Internet shops, banks, telecommunication providers or auction houses. The method is called phishing, is brand-threatening, but also to be unmasked, if you notice some important points.

Note 1: Incorrect links
In order to elicit confidential access data , most phishing e-mails use links. In the message section of the e-mail is usually reported by a supposed emergency or an account review. In the end, you will be redirected to a deceptively real-looking page from Amazon, Ebay, Telekom, Online-Bank & Co.. The page is wrong. Your logon data is intercepted here and forwarded directly to the hacker, who then has access to your account.

Basically you should never follow links in suspicious mails. If you are not sure whether an e-mail is genuine, call the sender's website manually in the browser. Then login with your access data. If there are really problems or important messages, the provider will inform you on his page. You can also find links to where you left the mouse over the link for a while. Outlook displays the destination address in a balloon and in the footer.

Note 2: Check the sender address
Check the sender's address for each suspicious e-mail. For example, at the end, Amazon should be "@" or "@". This is the same with Telekom, Paypal & Co. If the address is different, even if it sounds similar, it is probably a phishing attempt.

Note 3: Incorrect spelling
Many e-mails are spelled out by spelling and grammar errors, as well as incorrect punctuation. The cybercriminals have, however, recently learned a lot. Since phishing e-mails often come from abroad, they can often be detected by missing umlauts. In any case, you should also react to suspicious e-mails even with the smallest errors with skepticism.

Note 4: No personal salutation
The hackers often lack complete address data. You are then not addressed in an e-mail with the correct name or general flare, such as "Ladies and Gentlemen". If an e-mail is disagreeable, delete it immediately.

Find out more about the popular debit card

Find out more about the popular debit card

What you should know about the money card? With the debit card you can pay by chip smaller amounts without signature and PIN. It is especially convenient for payment at machines if just is not matching coins in their wallets. The card with the blue and red logo is issued by banks and financial institutions, serving as an electronic wallet. It enables cashless payments without signature and PIN - but you can not use it for online purchases them. Before you can use the card for payment, you need to recharge with a credit of a maximum of 200 Euro.

The two types of debit card
You can opt for a card that is linked to your checking account or a card that is linked to an account. If your Girocard carries on the back the money card logo, it contains a corresponding chip. You can recharge the card at ATMs and loading terminals on your checking account, connect to be debited with the amount charged.

The card that is not tied to a checking account, only has a purely financial card function. It can charge for cash either at a charging terminal with your Girocard or at bank counters. On the charging terminal with two card slots, insert the cash card in a slot that Girocard in the other. If you select "Load money card" function and the PIN of your Girocard enter your bank card will be charged and debited to the amount of your Girocard.

Advantages and disadvantages of debit card
Since you are using only maximum charge of 200 euros the cash card, the loss in case of theft is not so great. In addition, third parties on the cash card do not have access to your checking account. With the debit card you always have plenty of change here and do not have the ticket machines rummaging through all his pockets for coins. You need when using the debit card no PIN, the payment is anonymous and there are no account fees.

Money that you have loaded on your bank card, you can not return book to your checking account. Is also possible with the debit card no cash alternative. To keep an account summary, you have virtually keep records of your expenses with money card. If you have the card being charged until the maximum amount and it is stolen, the thief can use it without entering a PIN. blank locks you can not.